From the moment we are born we start a journey of self-discovery but somehow, somewhere along our way, we forget our initial purpose. We become too busy trying to imitate others or become better than them instead of being ourselves and improving what we already have. It doesn’t really matter what career you have during your lifetime. What’s essential is how it made you feel and what kind of person it made you become because your legacy shouldn’t be measured in silver and gold, but in the unforgettable emotions that you leave behind in the hearts of the people you surrounded yourself with.

Most people try to have the same goals as the others because being different is regarded as a weakness and no one wants to be an outcast, but trust me when I say: the moment you stop fighting who you really are, you are free. When you decide to cease trying to achieve something everyone else wants, there are limitless possibilities and so many roads not taken.

People put on suits and masks trying to impress anyone else but themselves. They seldom reveal their true feelings, they only tell you what they know you want to hear, they lie and cheat, walking over anyone at any cost to be able to simply become someone the society expects them to be. Have you ever considered how superficial our societies have become? Where are the united communities of yesterday and the dreams of togetherness of tomorrow?

This moment is but a memory of the next and it’s never coming back. It is a frightening thought, but it should be decisive. Why waste another second doing things we hate or be around people who don’t make us feel happy? When we realize how unique each moment is we should reconsider whether we spend it wisely or not. Every second of our life is like a cloud in the sky – none is identical to the one before nor to any future clouds.

I think what stops most people from being themselves is fear: the dread of being rejected, alone and judged, the fear of failing and trying anew or the fear of what people might say. Why do we care so much in a world that only values us based on how we can perform in the hands of our master puppeteers?

At school they try to shape us all in the same way, they try to suppress creativity and ingenuity. We have been taught from an early age that everyone undertakes education as offered by the state, that we are supposed to get the best job we possibly can, that we have to get married, buy a house, have children and go on holiday once a year, while saving for a retirement that may never come. So many people wait to start living their lives “when they retire” and are totally unaware that the years we waste slaving for others are never coming back. We shouldn’t wait until we are old to live our lives to the fullest! It should be a time when we reflect back on the wonderful lives we had and the beautiful people we have met, making the best of the years that are left to come.

It is so liberating to let go of the prefabricated dream that isn’t our own, but our society’s. Be different, be bold, be passionate and take risks, make mistakes – they’re the best teachers you will ever have. Once you understand that everything you dream of doing lies in your hands things become very clear. All you have to do is take the first step, give the best you got with your every heartbeat and life’s beauty will unfold before your eyes. Doing nothing is sad, but doing what you hate is destructive and heart-breaking. Now imagine what doing what you love can do to your life and start living today because waiting for the tomorrows of your life is nothing but a fool’s gamble.


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