Hotel Inside a Man-Made Volcano

Montaña Mágica Lodge (translated as “Magic Mountain”… what a suitable name!) is a unique hotel situated in Chile’s Patagonian rainforest in the centre of a large private nature reserve. The building resembles a volcano, but instead of lava it spews water down the slope, through the moss and the vines that give it a more natural look. The 13-room lodge is accessible only by foot and visitors must venture on a swinging rope bridge to enter into the heart of the “mountain”.

On one hand, I believe it is wonderful that the architects and the designers of this hotel kept its appearance as natural as possible, using local building materials. On the other hand, I believe the rainforest belongs to wildlife and humans shouldn’t disturb the delicate ecosystem and as long as this business will not develop into a “mountain” range, it will remain an unparalleled project, attracting people who understand and respect the natural world around them.


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