Rise or Fall?

The world has changed. Or maybe I have. Maybe the world has always been a cornucopia of violence and ignorance, where rationality is stubbornly reduced to a flickering candlelight in the dark. This dying light should be nurtured and encouraged to expand from horizon to horizon, yet hopes are growing dim.

Sometimes I think the great majority of the world is simply not ready for progress. And I don’t mean making use of the available technology, but using it in order to bring peace and equality to all the nations of the world.

The scream of our ape-like ancestors keeps calling us back to the comfort of the savannah where we belong. Just like so many other species have perished in the natural history of the world, Homo sapiens isn’t yet safe from the same fate. We have yet to adapt: not to our surroundings, but to a world where people should treat all living beings as equals.

Moreover, religion roots this world deeper into the past and the primitive gods of our forefathers are the true mermaids, hungry for those who are careless enough to stray away from their path.

Humans think they have God, who loves them and keeps them safe, but in the name of an invisible character too many people don’t realize that the only thing we truly got in this world is each other. Each other to look after, to love and protect.

There’s so much hate and indifference in the world today: Muslims hate non-Muslims, Christians are suspicious of non-Christians, white people are racist, rich countries hate poor countries, the British hate immigrants, political parties hate each other, high school bullies hate and prey upon the more sensitive students, and the list can go forever on. We always find a reason to hate and almost never a reason to love.

This century will mark the rise or the fall of the ape. Will we put down our guns and start paying attention to the world around us or will be return to our caves unaware of a future we could have had?


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