I Watched A Spider Weave Its Web

Today I have experienced what the legendary Robert the Bruce had seen in a cave hundreds of years ago: I have watched a spider weave its web, graciously and with great determination. As in the story with King Robert of Scotland, the weather these past days has been rainy and windy, a blessing for the greenery and a curse for some creatures that live everywhere around.

The spider that appeared in my window sill this week was frail and barely visible, but it managed to build a very large web. Unfortunately, two nights ago the bad weather ruined it completely. The poor creature was hanging by a thread, holding tight in the freezing winds that never ceased for the entire day.

Today I have noticed something else. The spider began to weave again with the same grace and determination as a few days before. Unlike the spider in the legend, which only tries to cast a thread to the other side of the cave and fails six times only to succeed a seventh time, my companion started anew to build another net, more intricate and well-fixed, despite its apparent delicacy.

It’s inspiring to watch this fellow grow in size and try again when everything else falls apart. I guess it is the same for every creature on Earth. When we stop trying to move on the only thing we have left is failure and surrender sooner than later to the inevitable death. Destruction can be a chance to rebuild, to become stronger and more adaptable to surroundings that never cease to change.


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